make your next course your best-selling course yet! 
For authors, podcasters, crafters & aspiring course creators looking for a surefire way to come up with a unique course idea that’s basically guaranteed to sell…
feeling like it's all been done before? 
Worried that the online course market is too saturated and there aren’t ‘any good ideas left’?

(If you’ve ever thought, “Why would anybody buy a course from me, when they could buy it from big-name-influencer?” - Listen Up!)

Unsure how to find out what your audience really wants?
Or how in the world to use that information once you have it?
If you're shaking your head yes, then you're in the right place.

The problem is that creating an online course isn’t just a snap-your-fingers-and-it-sells kinda offer. 

(But wouldn’t that be nice?) 

 If you’re here, though, you probably know that already.

Do either of these situations sound familiar?

Maybe you’ve launched a course or two and know firsthand how it feels to pour blood, sweat and tears (and maybe a few glasses of wine) into an online course...

only for the sales to just trickle in (or not come in at all).

Maybe you’ve witnessed it happen to a friend. They got super fired up about a topic, spent weeks hammering out what they thought was an incredible online course (creating the content, writing email sequences, crafting shiny social media posts) and then walked away with exactly new dollars in their bank account to show for it.

 If You Want to Make Major Sales, You Need to Give Your Audience What They Really Want!
You don’t have to simply guess or “hope” your next course idea is a slam dunk.

You don’t have to agonize over what you should –or shouldn’t– create your next course around for weeks or months.
You can find crazy-unique course ideas...
even if right now it feels like you’re drowning in crazy-good competition.
& 9 ways to find your profitable course idea is the way to do it!
Chock-full of in-depth know-how and an add-on workbook, this audio training will take you from vague (or no!) idea to an idea your ideal clients will practically salivate over.

Here's what you'll learn:

Analyze your website, email marketing and social media to suss out what your audience really wants from you...which might just surprise you!

Do ‘dreaded’ market research the right way - aka a way that doesn’t waste your time or disappoint your audience!

Get outside your current “Internet bubble” and into lesser-known spaces to find problems you didn’t even know your ideal clients wanted solved.

Ethically research and audit your competition to identify gaps, opportunities and hidden gems in the market.

And no matter whether....
…you feel like you’re drowning in “course competition” and don’t see a way to stand out…
…or you’re a veteran course creator but don’t know where to find new, compelling, original ideas for new courses…
…or worst of all, you’ve had a course flop (or flops!) before and don’t want to go through all that stress again…
….this audio training will provide you with everything you need to ensure your next course is your best–selling course.
  sound good? Then, let's do this thing! 

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