Have you been working on your course for awhile, but are no closer to finishing it than when you started?

Maybe you've been thinking about course, but can't figure out where (or how) to go from idea to paper...
Everyone has a course inside of them...even you!

This bundle of awesomeness will leave you seeing possibilities everywhere...and that's a good thing.

These templates will show you how to map out those possibilities and leave you with an exact blueprint of everything you need to do to finish your course. It's time to get that course out of your  head (and heart!) and into the hands of the people who need it.
 here's what's inside waiting for you
start planning out your course content & sales Plan:

  • From Idea to Course Planner - The ultimate resource for creating your top selling course. Over 45-pages, this planner is a one-stop shop of tasks and decisions from idea to research to launch and beyond. ($34 value)
  • Upsell Product Worksheet to decide if you will have upsell opportunities at time of purchase to increase your profits and help your students take those next steps after they’ve completed your course. ($7 value)
  • Suite of Products Worksheet guides you in laying out the different products/offers that come before and after your course to help your students make the transformation you are here to help them achieve. ($7 value)
  • Sales Funnel Webpages Guide giving you an overview of the different webpages you will need to set up before launching your course. ($12 value)
  • Course Mock-Up Template for creating an eye catching photo of your course and every you’ve included in your course offer inside of Canva ($7 value)
  • ThriveCart Learn Pro Set-up Planning Sheets - These goodies not only give you a glimpse inside where you can host your course for your students, but outline the decisions you will need to make when setting it up so you can plan it all out before hand - saving you time and headaches! Included: Student Dashboard Planner, Course Page Planner & Lesson Page Planner.  ($12 value)

after you're done planning out your course, use these next:

Lesson Slide Deck Template ($22 value)

Course Workbook ($22 value)

Course Schedule Template ($7 value)

PLUS...Get access to other upcoming course creation themed template when they are released!

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