Ready to increase  traffic to your sales less than 60 minutes?

don't know anything about ads & Want to 10x your sales organically?
Learn how to apply my proven Borrowing Other People's Audience Strategy to increase your traffic and maximize your online course sales with this scalable, repeatable system.
spend less time trying to find course buyers 
Are you tired of feeling like you need to do all the things? With this toolkit, you'll learn how to how to borrow other people's audiences, like a crossover episode of your favourite TV show.
Course Buyers On Repeat

Get yourself in front of new audiences year round in ways that position you as an expert and turns your audience into course buyers that you've been looking for!

avoid algorithm anxiety

Take back control of your marketing strategy instead of feeling like you're at the mercy of Facebook and that your customers start wandering over to your sales page organically.

simplify your lead generation

Put your business on the map AND STILL have time to focus on your zone of genius, vision for your clients and creating your own dream life with this leveraged, proven system that will have people waiting to buy when you launch your course!

Here's What's Included:

Borrowing Other People's Audiences 101: Your quick and actionable masterclass and learn how to apply my proven strategy to increase your traffic and maximize your online course sales with this scalable, repeatable system. ($22 value)

Borrowing Other People's Audiences Workbook:  Once you've watched the training, use this specially designed workbook to begin making decisions about how you're going to implement this strategy in your business. ($12 value)

Borrowing Other People's Audiences Planning Sheet: The last step to use this system and * FINALLY * spend less time trying to find course buyers is - essentially - to just need to do it. And that's exactly what these planning sheets are going to give you. ($27 value)

these are the worksheets you'll find inside:

Borrowing Other People's Audiences Blueprint: Start by going over this blueprint to get a recap and have a complete overview of the main steps of this strategy all in one spot.

Funnel Tracker: Use this tracker to map out your sales funnel that everything in your borrowing strategy will lead back to.

The Lead Magnet Planner: The process that I show you in this planner will give you an easy way to get your creative juices flowing and create your lead magnet; one that gets the right people on your list AND one that your current audience will absolutely love!

Collab Partner Outreach Tracker: Use this tracker to finalize your borrowing audience strategy, list out who is serving the same client as you, but not doing what you do and all of the pitches you send out and the responses you get.

The Content Pillar Planner: The planner is designed to help you lay out your course modules and the themes tied back to these modules so that you have them handy and in one spot as you begin to plan your content.

Access to add-on workbooks for both trainings!

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Borrowing Other People's Audience: The ToolKit$47

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